Bontang is a city in East Kalimantan Province, which is straightforwardly nearby East Kutai Regency, Kutai Karyanegara Regency, and Makassar Strait. In this city there are three huge organizations in various fields, specifically Badak NGL (petroleum gas), Pupuk Kalimantan Timur, and Indominco Mandiri (coal).

Bontang has a zone of 49,757 square km with an absolute populace of in excess of 170 thousand individuals. The city was first settled in 1999 at that point, unequivocally October 12, 1999. Bontang is a city situated in the field of industry, administrations and exchange.

Bontang turned into a modern city that accomplished a critical turn of events. Along with Samarinda and Balikpapan, Bontang is the primary monetary driver in East Kalimantan region just as Kalimantan Island.

1. Beginning from the Village

Beforehand, Bontang was only a town situated in a watershed that later changed its status to a city. This is the interest of a build and developing area.

Some time before it turned into an Administrative City territory, correctly in 1920, Bontang was assigned as the capital with a sub-locale that was then called Onder Van Bontang District and drove by an associate wedana named Kiyai.

The situation with Bontang at that point expanded to sub-locale. After the establishment of Law No. 27 of 1959 on the foundation of Level II Regions in East Kalimantan by eliminating the situation with Swapraja Government, Bontang was resolved to be a city situated in East Kalimantan Province.

2. A Child-Friendly City

Bontang won the fourth honor as a Child-Friendly City (KLA) in 2019 from the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA RI). This achievement can not be isolated from the interest of provincial gadget associations (OPD) Kla Task Force individuals just as associations, local area establishments and the business world.

Bontang is supposed to be youngster amicable in light of the fact that it has satisfied the kid rights-based advancement situation, through the combination of responsibilities, all things considered. Moreover, Bontang will likewise create youngster well disposed spots of love through 21 MRA.

3. Perhaps the most extravagant city in Indonesia

Bontang holds the title as the most extravagant city in Indonesia. In spite of the fact that it has just three sub-locale, the city with a populace of in excess of 170 thousand individuals is honored with an unprecedented regular abundance.

Since, numerous enormous financial backers from abroad are keen on building an organization in Bontang. Significant organizations in Bontang incorporate Badak NGL (petroleum gas mining organization), Indominco Mandiri (coal mining organization), and some more. Along these lines, it isn’t bizarre that this city has a for each capita pay in 2014, more than Rp300 million every year.