The process of Thai VietJet reschedule flight is not exactly a complex one, but combining it with the hassle of planning your travel itinerary may turn into a stressful event. Unexpected circumstances such as bad weather can be the unwanted factor that you did not ask for, but force you to switch several things around anyway. In this case, it would be very useful to know how to request for flights reschedule that won’t add more headaches to you.

If you have a ticket flight of That VietJet Air that you can’t use any longer, then you may read the article below. It will walk you through the know-how and the tips on how to change your flight date and time, or the destination.

How to Reschedule Thai VietJet Flight via Phone Call

Thai VietJet Air is an airline company that only provides one travel class, which is the economy class. The concept of standard economy class by airline companies has only been available since several years ago. It does offer cheaper price, but with more limitations compared to the more costly airfare class. In general, it has restrictions upon the size and the weight of your carry-on and cabin luggage. In addition, economy ticket usually cannot be changed in any case.

You have to understand first, that ticket cancellation and its refund is nearly impossible with Thai VietJet. However, there is still possibility of getting That VietJet reschedule flight, where you change the schedule or the route of your flight. Of course, it comes with extra charge and ticket fare difference.

Generally, the flight change policies between airlines won’t differ so much. If you are planning to reschedule while you are on at the airport, then you may want to directly visit the Thai VietJet Air service counter.

However, if you are still unsure about the VietJet reschedule flight ticket, then it’s considered best to contact the airlines. Unless you use third-party ticket booking service, calling the airline via phone is the fastest and most convenient way to reach their service and ask about your specific questions. Make sure that you dial up their number before the scheduled flight time, or else you have to be prepared to lose your ticket value and the money associated by it.

Alternatively, you may reach the available support account of That VietJet Airline – most preferably by sending direct message to their official Twitter account.

All methods aside, if you choose to contact the company via phone call, follow the simple guide below:

  1. Dial the service center phone number of Thai VietJet Air at +66 2 089 1909
  2. Explain about your problem and the reason of why you want to reschedule your flight
  3. Check your options and then follow the further instruction provided by the airline

Switching up your flight can be a costly case. Chance is, you can change your booking date or time, but there are change fee and fare difference applied, as mentioned briefly above. Change fee is the required fee when you change the date or time of the flight ticket, while fare difference is the amount of cost difference between your previously purchased itinerary and the fare of the flight that you have chosen after. Not to mention, the VietJet reschedule flight fee might be more costly and more restrictive if you purchase the ticket via third party sites.

However, there are some tips that might be able to make you sidestepping on paying the hefty change fee or at least minimize the forfeit. Read the tips below to find out how:

  1. Work the rescheduling out within 24 hours

So, you immediately regret the ticket flight on the schedule that you just booked. Don’t fret yet, you may get off free from the fee if you reschedule or cancel the ticket within 24 hours after purchasing. Some airlines and travel sites provide easy rescheduling and cancellation within 24 hours.


  1. Reschedule 60 days prior to the scheduled flight

Already lose your 24 hours window? If you have some considerable amount of time before the departure, you may start to consider changing the flight now.


  1. Change the flight schedule to the one on the same day if possible

If the only reason you have with the flight is the departure time instead of the date and the route, then it’d better to opt for a same-day change of flight. It is where you swap your itinerary with the same destination and origin, with the one that flies later or earlier on the same day.


  1. Keep an eye for schedule changes from the airlines

It is not exactly rare for the airline to adjust the flight details within days, weeks, or months prior to the flights. The adjusted flight details might involve the aircraft, departure, or even the carrier. Any changes related to the flight might make you entitled to the refund or free rescheduling fee. This may require you to make a deal with the airline and case-by-case basis may apply, but as long as you stand strong on your ground, it is highly possible.


  1. Explain in detail and plead for your case

At the end of the day, each of the airline agents is human too. Even if the company has detailed spelled out rules, if you are able to disclose your reason, the agent probably can evaluate it individually and attempt to work something.

Thai VietJet reschedule flight planning might not be straight away a smooth procedure. That’s why knowing the proper way to navigate through the airline’s system and rules can be extremely helpful, as well as knowing how to lowering the charged fees you might face on.

Otherwise, you can easily book and reschedule your ticket on here.